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88 000 New Wind Turbines Wanted in Europe

EU Wind Power Action Plan Picture

The new European Wind Power Action Plan asks to increase wind energy capacity from 204 GW in 2022 to over 500 GW by 2030, aligning with the EU’s target of at least 42.5% renewables. The focus is not just on energy transformation but also on strengthening the wind industry’s health and competitiveness. The action plan […]

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Global AI Safety Summit Addresses Growing Concerns Over AI’s Future

A.I. vs. Human

On 1st and 2nd November 2023, in a landmark gathering at Bletchley Park, leaders from around the world, spanning nations, businesses, civil society, and AI experts, assembled for the inaugural Global AI Safety Summit. This two-day event provided a crucial platform to explore the global trajectory of artificial intelligence (AI) while highlighting the mounting concerns […]

European Council

COVID19: Today a showdown at the European Council?

At the Extraordinary European Council of 25-26 February, Charles Michel, President of the European Council, put the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic on the agenda. It might seem routine to talk among prime ministers about the coronavirus, in reality it could be a showdown between member countries and the European Commission. Click on the picture […]

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What’s in the EU-UK Trade Cooperation Agreement after BREXIT?

Who wins, who loses? Since 1st January the Agreement has been applied provisionally, pending the vote of the European Parliament. The EU Commission proposed to apply the Agreement on a provisional basis only for a limited period of time, until 28 February 2021.    After a process that started in 2016, the UK has left the EU. […]

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Last 10 (difficult) days of the UK in Europe

  Last discussions and vote of the two branches of the British Parliament to decide whether it will be or not an abrupt Brexit. Hundreds of European “laws” may suddenly expire at midnight on February 1st. Large movements in financial markets and major concerns among companies. Government loses three times in the House of Lords […]

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Brexit: i 27 concedono un rinvio (il)limitato

Incertezza sulla Brexit. I 27 concedono una proroga.

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L’ultima carta del Premier inglese

Brexit or not Brexit? Il futuro del Regno Unito deciso in tre giorni. Le ambizioni politiche e le sfide economiche sul tavolo da gioco.

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May’s last card

Brexit or not Brexit? The UK future will be decided in three days. Political ambitious and economic challenges on the game table.