Month: June 2022

Only 5 Countries in Order with Maternity and Paternity leave

The new EU Directive on Maternity and Paternity leave   By 2 August 2002, all 27 EU countries should implement the European Directive on maternity and parental leave to all workers, respecting minimum standards and without exception. To date, only 5 Countries transposed in national law the new Directive on Maternity and Paternity leave.   Mothers

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EU to Push Energy Transition

  EU decided to lead the global energy transition starting with € 1.1 billion through the EU Innovation Fund. EU confirmed it will heavily fund technologies to facilitate european energy transition and to enable european companies to make global progress. A strategy that will bear fruit by 2030 and will prepare the climate neutrality targets

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EU Revolution on Energy

There is a double urgency to transform Europe’s energy system: reducing EU dependance on fossil fuel imports and tackling the climate crisis. EU has important objectives on climate change and the current tensions on energy market suggest to accelerate measures on energy savings, diversification of suppliers, renewables and to replace fossil fuels consumption in industry

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