The mission of eEuropa.blog

eEuropa.blog was born as a Media Project to offer insights into the most crucial issues of the European political agenda.

It is the project of people who have or have had a very long experience in European institutions or in journalism specialised in European affairs and who share the desire to make their knowledge and analytical skills available to all. 

The Blog does not host simple and generic articles but, while adopting a simple and clear language, offers timely and complete information material with insights and perspective analyses. The published material has a very high scientific value, because it is based on in-depth knowledge and because it is independent.

The Blog also offers insights, analyses and studies carried out by eEuropa.org, a unique Platform in Europe to inform and assist on European Affairs, and by valuable Institutions and Organisations.

eEuropa.blog is an independent and nonpartisan platform and the views expressed by the Authors hosted on this Blog are their own and do not represent the positions or views of the Editor.

Our publications can be read in any language, so that anyone around the world can know what the European Union does for its inhabitants and the citizens of the world and the discussions around it.

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