Month: February 2019

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New EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership: Europe can fish 275 000 tonnes

The new agreement, which includes the Western Sahara, will start in 2019 and will allow a fishing quantity of 275 000 tonnes for the EU, during four years. The EU and shipowners will pay for fishing in the african territorial waters. Western Sahara, with a strong vocation for fishing, will have important benefits. European Greens […]

2019 Allemagne Économie BREXIT Budget français Commission européenne Commission UE EURO France Gilet Jaunes Italie Moscovici PIB Prévisions économiques UE Union Européenne

La France ralentit sa croissance en 2019. Italie dernière en Europe.

Commerce mondial, mesures fiscales, crise automobile et méfiance des consommateurs parmi les causes.

2019 Commissione Europea Debito Economia EURO Italia Moscovici Previsioni economiche Recessione UE Uncategorized Unione Europea

Italia vicina alla recessione, UE bene

L’Italia rischia la recessione, dopo due trimestri in negativo e un inizio 2019 che non promette bene.

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EU skeptical on next TTIP negotiations with Trump

EU Commission is looking for a political mandate for new EU-U.S. negotiations on trade.