Month: April 2023

EU energy autonomy after a year of war

Brussels, 24 April 2023 Written by Mario Damen. That the EU imports almost 60 % of its energy shows that real EU strategic autonomy in energy is far from achieved. The current energy crisis poses a risk to all four EU energy policy objectives. Crisis in the energy market is causing public and private debt

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Europe wants to fly with drones

Do you want to buy a drone? Do you want to produce drones? For what use? The EU has decided on common rules and the member states have added their own legislation. Now, EU is launching a special operation to improve drone safety in view of a full use of these aircraft in Europe, even

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EU to Review the European Works Councils

The Commission decided to review the Directive on the European Works Council, the standing bodies that facilitate the information and consultation of employees in European companies and European groups of companies. The European Parliament has called for a review after a 2018 assessment by the Commission on the effectiveness of the existing directive found shortcomings.

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Europe Seeks China But Challenges Xi Jinping On Russia

  Manuel Macron, presidente della Francia e Ursula von der Leyen, presidente della Commissione europea, sono arrivati oggi a Pechino per una visita di tre giorni a Xi Jinping, presidente della Repubblica popolare cinese. La visita è un passo fondamentale per rafforzare le relazioni UE-Cina e dare il tono per future collaborazioni. Il viaggio dei

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Why is There Labour Shortages Across Europe?​

Demographic factors, difficult to find employment and few skills. What the EU suggests. But unemployment is at a lower level than ever.. Today we have two conflicting data: the lowest level of unemployment but many difficulties in finding employment. Why?The situation where there is a low unemployment rate but a shortage of available workforce can

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