Month: March 2021


Biden to meet EU leaders next Thursday evening

Charles Michel, President of the European Council, informs this evening EU Heads of State and government that they will have a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden, to discuss future cooperation between EU and U.S., next Thursday evening. They will ask Joe Biden for strong cooperation in the fight against Coronavirus worldwide (vaccines to Europe […]


The New START Treaty between the US and Russia: The last surviving pillar of nuclear arms control

Under New START, Russia and the US are limited to an equal number of deployed strategic warheads and weapons carrying them, such as intercontinental … The New START Treaty between the US and Russia: The last surviving pillar of nuclear arms control

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Next EU Summit, Member State sanctions at the top of this EU week

During the next two days Plenary (​in Brussels and remotely), the European Parliament will vote on the EU Regulation on own resources, the financial resources given to the EU for its activities (programs, funds, grants, etc.). There are no longer corporate and CO2 trade taxes (ETS), given the difficulty of Member States to agree on […]


COVID-19: Beyond a pandemic

We do not know if the new Coronavirus pandemic will be eradicated quickly. In the meantime it has brought the entire planet to its knees, even with great differences from country to country. Above all, it has annihilated the responsiveness of health systems to all other diseases. Many patients have stayed out of hospitals, clinical […]


EU changes Battery rules: another revolution

The EU electron revolution continues: after announcing the revision of the TEN-E to give priority to the electricity grid (read our previous article), now the EU Commission launches the revision of the EU Regulation on batteries. The average collection rate of portable batteries in the EU is almost only 48% for recycling. This means that […]

Gender equality

Women & Gender Equality in Europe: a New Hope

In honor of International Women’s Rights Day, eEuropa presents an article to highlight gender equality and women’s rights in the EU. The European Union has a long history of actions promoting equality between women and men since 1957, when the principle that the sexes should receive equal pay for the same work was added in […]

Green Finance

Green Finance: EU is a Global Leader

    Today, the EU is a global leader on green finance. What is it? It is a double and unique opportunity. Green finance involves collecting funds for addressing climate and environmental issues (green financing) and is improving the management of financial risk related to climate and the environment (greening finance), on the other.     […]