Month: May 2021

Digital Economy Digital Market

Leading the European Digital Decade: How? The last 18 months of the pandemic have radically transformed Europe and the world. From now on there will be an urgent need to acquire more and more digital skills, because the world has already changed. Companies, public institutions, professional associations will have to roll up their sleeves if they do not want to […]


Creative Europe: EU Program Launched

  The unprecedented crisis of the cultural and film sectors due to the Coronavirus pandemic has led to an estimated loss of around €200 billion in Europe. In reality, the European continent, although the cradle of great civilizations and excellent creativity, has been suffering for some time and sees its position in the world continually […]


Summer 2021 is open!

  After a year of restrictions, the upcoming summer can be spent on vacation. Agreement found at EU level between those who want a “Green Pass”, a temporary and non-mandatory document, freedom of EU countries to maintain any restrictions in case of need and freedom not to get vaccinated. It seemed impossible to reconcile very […]


US energy infrastructure under attack. What next?

The cyber attack on US energy infrastructure nearly paralyzed the east coast for five days. The main US pipeline reportedly paid the DarkSide cybercriminal gang nearly $ 5 million (£ 3.6 million) in ransom, following a cyber attack. Is the EU ready to protect its member countries?   The Pelham (Alabama) Colonial Pipeline has suffered […]

Cyber - Attack

New EU Center to Fight Cyber-Attacks

After three years of discussions and in the aftermath of the US Colonial Pipeline Hack, the EU finally decides to create a European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Center   Energy Cyber-attack in U.S. At a time when the whole world gears up to defend itself from threats and attacks from the darkside of […]


EU and the lost market

Today, European ministers asked to save the European audiovisual industry COVID-19 and streaming video platforms are destroying the market of European audiovisual producers. With losses, in 2020 alone, of at least € 200 billion. Now the EU is trying to recreate a market that has perhaps already been lost, bringing to mind the defeats of […]

Ethics in Science

Prioritising Ethical Principles In the Disruptive Technologies

    A little over a year ago, the European Commission responded to the request to evaluate the implications for society with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence on an important scale, as advocated in a previous document COM/2020/67 final. In that document, the European Commission extolled the capacity of artificial intelligence to make a fantastic […]

EP Plenary

The New ERASMUS+ is coming…

This week the European Parliament will confirm the agreement with Council on two important european initiatives. Two flags that have characterised Europe that everyone has known and touched: Erasmus and the support to film production/distribution and Culture. Near €29 billion for the next seven years. Here are some insights on the main decisions that will […]