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Euro 7: A New Step to Stop Car Emissions

European manufacturers face heightened concerns as a new wave of regulations from Brussels adds to the industry’s mounting challenges. This sector, already grappling with the aftermath of stringent Euro standards, has endured a pandemic that slashed car sales in half and reshaped workplace dynamics. It has also been buffeted by the conflict in Ukraine, which […]

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Towards new rules on transparency and targeting of political advertising

Political advertising is central to influencing how people vote, and may affect citizens’ perceptions of the legitimacy of their own political system, particularly when published in the run-up to elections. The EU is discussing a Proposal for a Regulation on the transparency and targeting of political advertising. Brussels, July 2022 Electoral campaign rules, including those […]

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A New Digital Future is Born in Europe

  On Tuesday, the European Parliament adopted the rules governing digital services and digital markets in Europe. The growth of digital markets and the services’ market has taken place in a tumultuous way, dominant positions have been formed, cartels have been created and the public is sometimes the victim of fraudulent actions. For this reason, the […]