European Parliament adopts the New EU Law on Restoration of Ecosystems

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The disputed Regulation proposed by the EU Commission for the restoration of lost ecosystems in Europe has received majority approval. The regulation mandates that a minimum of 20% of land and sea surfaces be designated for ecosystem recovery. However, there is significant opposition from the agricultural sector in conflict with Brussels.​

Brussels, 12 July 2023

After the negative vote in the Environmental Committee on June 27th, the Plenary of the European Parliament reversed the outcome by majority vote, adopting the disputed Regulation to restore ecosystems in Europe by 2030, aiming to recover at least 20% of terrestrial areas and 20% of marine areas.

​The votes against from the EPP, a portion of the Renew Liberals, and the European Conservatives and Right-Wing parties were not enough. They lost by 12 votes. Now, the legislative process continues with the opening of negotiations between the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and the Council of EU Ministers to reach an agreement on a final common text.

Open the dashboard of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety​ for further details on this legislative process.


The content of the Regulation proposed by the Commission

The proposed Nature Restoration Regulation under the EU’s Single Market Programme aimed to establish rules at the EU level for the restoration of ecosystems, with the goal of achieving biodiverse and resilient nature throughout the EU. The regulation recognized the alarming rate of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, which have negative impacts on people, the economy, and the… Continue reading.

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