Summer 2021 is open!

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After a year of restrictions, the upcoming summer can be spent on vacation. Agreement found at EU level between those who want a “Green Pass”, a temporary and non-mandatory document, freedom of EU countries to maintain any restrictions in case of need and freedom not to get vaccinated. It seemed impossible to reconcile very distant interests and in the end a compromise was found that, hopefully, does not create confusion between authorities and citizens. However, with or without the European Certificate, anyone can move around Europe without restrictions, except for special measures.

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As a next step, with a view to facilitating free movement in the EU, there will be a revision by mid-June of the EU Council Recommendation on travel within the EU. 

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A temporary digital health certificate is seen as a less restrictive measure than others currently in place, such as entry bans, quarantine and …

EU Covid-19 certificate: A tool to help restore the free movement of people across the European Union

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