Johnson lost by 16 votes and must ask for another three months

No Brexit till January 2020

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The votes of the ten conservatives expelled by Johnson’s party were decisive

On Saturday 19 October, the British parliament inflicted a defeat on Boris Johnson, forcing him to ask the EU for a new extension of Brexit.

It was 322 against 306 votes that now force the premier to retire and get back on his knees in Brussels to invoke a new deadline.

In effect, the law requires Johnson to request three months of extension, even if PM denies the existence of an obligation. A Scottish court will decide shortly.

“The Prime Minister must acknowledge that he will stick to the Benn Act and make sure that we will not go out without any agreement,” said Jeremy Corbyn.

Liberal Democratic leader Jo Swinson also supported the postponement of BREXIT and urged Johnson to respect Parliament‘s vote.

Cold reactions on the European side. The European Parliament will discuss the outcome of Westminster vote on Monday 21 October in Strasbourg and French President Macron welcomed the news with annoyance.

EU accepted Johnson’s three-month extension request and asked a new UK Commissioner to EU. Johnson asked new elections on December 12th.

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