We have to be worried about Huawei?

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Ansip China

“Given the mandatory cooperation they have to maintain with Chinese intelligence services, yes”, said European Commission Vice-President for Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip.

But Huawei replayed in a statement: “We categorically reject any allegation that we might pose a security threat. We are open to a dialogue with Vice President Andrus Ansip to address these misunderstandings and intend to continue our longstanding cooperation with the European Commission as a private, employee-owned company”.

Now, US President Trump is attaching Chinese private company because it broken the embargo on the Iran. The daughter of the founder has been arrested in Canada, to be extradited in US.

What’s behind these tensions with China? It seems that the real cause is 5G, the fifth generation of mobile cellular communications, which should revolutionize our world from 2020. With a speed up to 20 gigabits per second, the connectivity will be of such a level that you can put point many applications. One example, which seems to be the one behind the US-China war: the electric automotive. If China will be the first to offer 5G, it will also be able to control the automotive industry that now relies entirely on electric cars, which will be computer-driven for automatic driving.

Of course, one of the concerns of the American administration is not the car, but national security and data collection, where today the US and allies are absolute masters.

A new Cold War? No. There is not a military or ideological confrontation between two blocs, however there is a new form of war. This is the global economy war, accelerated by digital integration.

Check now how the European Union is managing its trade relations with China and the future initiatives by clicking here.

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