Juncker Claims a Miracle

89 new EU laws to be approved before May 2019.

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The President of the European Commission asked to conclude 89 legislative procedures by the end of his mandate. From immigration to the digital market, including funds for the next seven years. Many of them require a difficult agreement between member states. The European Parliament declared to be ready to accomplish his legislative role. The next European elections are planned in May 2019. As eEuropa reported, the European Union wants to finalize as much as possible all dossiers where Europe need to improve its internal cohesion.

It could be possible few months before the next European elections, scheduled in May 2019? And why it’s so urgent? What the EU Commission did till now and why is speeding up?

Some of the dossiers evoked by the President of the EU Commission, only need the final vote of the European co-legislators, the Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers. Others are being negotiated and others are still frozen due to political difficulties.
Many of these measures are truly crucial and can determine unprecedented turns. For instance, on environmental issues and standards for industrycitizens’ health and investment for employment, there is an identity of views.

On the other hand, on measures concerning the EU budgetmigrationasylum, the Dublin Treatytaxation and many financial and banking issues, as well as online commercetransport and transport ticketsinsurance and new rules for industry, discussions have not yet led to agreements.

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    I think that eU Institutions will not be able to adopt these legisl measures by the end of this legislature. Right?

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      Dear Reader, you’ve rights for many of those dossiers where the MS are divided. Dossiers where there are not important divisions, it is matter of speeding up the adoptions. At http://www.eEuropa.org you will find all details. Bye

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