Europe Bans Plastic


animal-bottlenose-dolphin-close-up-64219The European Revolution on Plastics

Never before, the European Union had launched a total war, like the one against plastic.


Because every year Europe produces 25 million tons of plastic waste, of which 13 million end up in the oceans, for a cost of at least 8 billion euros a year!


The EU Waste Directive has recently been changed (see eEuropa website, on Environment) and new targets for recycling have been scheduled for plastics, new bag limits set and new rules on biodegradability. For instance, the biodegradability properties of oxo-degradable plastics have already been excluded by the European Council of Ministers and by the European Parliament and possible restrictions of micro-plastics and oxo-degradable plastics have been asked by the European Commission.

But this “war” against plastic has a less philanthropic reason. Which one?


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