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EU to shorten the duration of some medicines patents

Pharmaceutical companies are on a war footing as the Commission proposes to shorten the duration of patents for some medicines so that new companies can enter the pharmaceutical market, to address the growing shortage of medicines, insufficient research on new antimicrobial and to lower selling prices of pharmaceutical products. In addition, the Commission justifies the

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Imaging and Artificial Intelligence for fighting cancer

          A European Hub for imaging on cancers and the use of Artificial Intelligence is borning. ​Fully operational by 2026.    23 January 2023 Today, at an event in Brussels, the Commission is launching the European Cancer Imaging Initiative to support healthcare providers, research institutes and innovators in making the best use of innovative data-driven

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Pandemics: EU Creates Its Shield

  The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need and urgency for Europe to have rapid reaction mechanisms in place to protect its citizens. The 2019 coronavirus has highlighted the discrepancies in assessments between the 27 countries, both of the threat to health and of the measures to be taken to help citizens.

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