Europe Wants to Retain Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Inventors

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New initiatives could bring substantial benefits to 2 million researchers across Europe by supporting stable and well-paid work opportunities.

Brussels,  20 October 2023 – 

Collectively, EU measures will benefit approximately 2 million researchers across Europe, paving the way for cutting-edge innovations and ensuring Europe’s strength in vital sectors like health, defense, digital technologies, and green technologies. In this article, we will delve into the details of these transformative measures and their implications for research in Europe.

The European Commission has unveiled a comprehensive set of measures aimed at strengthening the European Research Area (ERA) and enhancing research careers across Europe. These measures are designed to make research careers more attractive, sustainable, and competitive, benefiting approximately 2 million researchers in the region. The primary objective is to promote and support stable, well-paid research opportunities, particularly for early-career researchers, while addressing career precariousness and positioning Europe as an appealing destination for international research talents.

​In the European Union, the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) researchers has increased significantly in recent years, with 1.89 million researchers working in Member States in 2020, representing a gain of 546 thousand compared to 2010. The majority of researchers in the EU were employed in the business enterprise sector (55%) and the higher education sector (33%), with the government sector accounting for … Keep on reading…

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