Individual Learning Accounts for all Europeans

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The EU has decided that all Europeans of working and studying age must have a personal endowment allocated by their state in order to have permanent access to learning and training. Why? Because the EU’s ambitions in digital, health, energy and  environment require specific skills that are lacking today and risk wrecking Brussels’ plans.

Brussels, 5 January 2023

It almost seems like a joke, but the decision was taken by all the European governments, cornered by the European Commission, which first offered a lot of money and high-sounding objectives in many sectors on a silver platter, then asked for the bill asking give everyone a fund to educate themselves throughout their active life.

If initially some countries were recalcitrant (for example Poland), the Commission convinced them that without the adequate skills the European funds would not have assigned.

This initiative was necessary because past initiatives have proven insufficient to  substantially increase adults’ participation in training and close support gaps in access to training.

While the situation varies between Member States, all face similar challenges, as reflected in the European Semester analysis and country-specific recommendations.

Furthermore, the gap between the EU’s ambitious digitalenergyenvironment and health targets and existing human skills is truly enormous and needs to be closed.

How it will work and who finances this enormous project? Continue reading….


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