EU Council Recommendation on New Cancer Screening

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The EU has taken a new approach to cancer screening to improve early detection across the EU. This is another important European step in the fight against cancer. In fact, many of the new recommendations are already a reality in many European countries. The aim is to extend best practices in all 27 EU countries.


Brussels, 3 January 2022

The new EU approach, the subject of an EU Council Recommendation addressed to EU countries, is based on the most recent scientific developments and data and its aim is to help ensure that 90% of the EU population who satisfy the requirements for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening have the opportunity to meet them by 2025. The new approach also calls for extending screening programs to include prostate, lung and, under certain circumstances, gastric cancer, according to a stepwise approach. The recommendation is part of a new EU cancer screening programme, presented as a flagship initiative of the European plan to fight cancer….Read More

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