EU: Fast and Furious on Ukraine, But Not on Energy

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Today the 27 Heads of State and Government met in Brussels and decided nothing to solve the european energy crisis. They had a very long discussion and once again asked Ursula von der Leyen, President of the Commission, to invent something more, given that what has been proposed so far does not satisfy. So all important decisions are postponed, after a difficult discussion (not yet concluded). Is Ursula von der Leyen in the dock?


Brussels, 7 September 2022

So far the EU has only taken two measures: reduce electricity demand (from December 2022) and redistribute the surplus revenues of the energy sector for final consumers (it is only an invitation to Member States).

For today’s Summit, the very low expectations of success and the need to avoid criticism from all over Europe, had advised Charles Michel to convene an “informal” meeting, therefore without obligation. Only, it says in its call, to assess the impact of the measures already adopted and to “give indications on further actions necessary to ensure a well-coordinated European response”.

Press conference here. If postponed, please come back here, later.


When decisions have to be made against Russia, decisions are quick. On Europe not.

The EU is quick to retaliate against Russia with sanctions on the export of energy products and restrictions of various kinds.

The problem, however, is that every decision taken on the continuation of sanctions against Russia should correspond to an adequate and immediate protection of European interests. This has not happened so far and the consequences are dramatic. In some countries, inflation has reached peaks of 25% and the cost of energy as high as 700%.


What is heppening in the EU?

Some argue that national interests always prevail over a European interest. Others believe that the Commission does not adequately prepare the technical files placed on the table of the prime ministers and heads of states.

It seems they are both. While on the first cause the question has always been known to everyone, on the second case there are indiscretions from the Commission on the errors of Ursula von der Leyen.

Politico explains in a article that a gray and unknown Commission President found her glory with the war in Ukraine. Locked up in a bunker at the Commission with some loyalists, she decides everything alone with Washington. Claiming to send weapons to Ukraine, sending money, announcing EU military training for Ukrainians and promises of EU membership. And the Commissioners, his colleagues are excluded.

As an executive body, the Commission can act with complete freedom if legislative powers are not needed. But her decision-making posture, if it is welcomed by Washington, no longer works with the democratic rules written in the European Treaties, which assign powers and duties to each European institution, including Council composed by national governments.

If the U.S. failed to support Zelenski, Ursula von de Leyen would become the target of opponents of the interventionist line.

Meanwhile the EU is increasingly in trouble for energy and the only measures that remain can unfortunately be taken than at the national level?

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