EU Special Measures on Gas

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Meeting of the EU Council of Ministers for Energy on 9 September 2022, to decide on further measures for the energy market in Europe, where prices are soaring. In the meantime, the Council adopted a Regulation for energy consumption reduction in case of EC alert and exceptional powers in the event of a major energy crisis in Europe. Regulation also refers to Art. 122 of EU Treaty to help member states that no longer receive gas, with special financial aid.  Some are skeptical, because the measure could provide cover for a tug-of-war between the Eastern EU countries and Russia, putting the whole of Europe in difficulty. For this reason, for some countries the reduction could be “only” 8%.


Brussels, 20 July 2022

The European Union is experiencing enormous energy difficulties.

Less gas arrives in Europe. A market that has remained jagged because the 27 member states protect their own small market.

The war in Ukraine, the EU and Western sanctions on Russia and some countries’ tug-of-war with Russia over the payment of gas they receive are bringing Europe to its knees.

There would be a solution: to stop the war and the sanctions.
But the EU today has a different configuration than it was 15 years ago and has to deal with a completely different geopolitics.

Within this small fence, the EU tries to find other solutions.

On 12 July 2022, the European Commission approved a Proposal for a Council Regulation (which must be voted on by the EU Council and not by the European Parliament) concerning a new legislative instrument and a European plan to reduce gas demand, to reduce gas consumption. in Europe by 15% until next spring. The Regulation was endorsed by EU ministers on 26 July in Brussels.

All consumerspublic administrationshouseholdsowners of public buildingselectricity suppliers and industry can and should take measures to save gas. The Commission will also accelerate work on supply diversification, including joint gas procurement to strengthen the EU’s ability to source alternative gas supplies.

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