EU Tourism in Summer 2021: the final exam

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The European tourism industry is anxiously watching the rise in coronavirus cases across Europe, leading to fears of mass summer cancellations among foreign visitors. Tourism is one of the economic sectors most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and despite European measures have been taken to not leave countries alone to manage the crisis situation, tourism will be the real test to understand who will pay the highest price.



To understand how the summer of 2021 will take place on the beaches, in the mountains, in the cities of art, just read the weekly updated map of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (see above).

While for almost all economic sectors Europe has had a uniform management, imposing restrictions but not interrupting the income, even if reduced, of economic and individual activities, the tourism sector is probably the one that will suffer the most.

How is it possible?

Because tourism has a socio-cultural value, because tourism implies the free movement of people and promiscuity, because tourism is a powerful weapon in the hands of politics.

Holidays are a time of leisure and no politician would want to be responsible for taking the pleasure out of their citizens. It takes a strong sense of responsibility to know how to impose unpopular restrictions, even if they are taken to protect public health.

This is why the 27 EU countries have taken 27 different restrictive measures on the movement of their citizens.

The only common measure was the Green Pass, which was voted in Brussels on in mid-June, but not yet fully introduced as a certificate with legal value in many EU countries.

However, the advice is to have both the Green Pass and protective masks.

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