New frontier: Digitalisation of batteries for smart energy and transport systems

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Batteries Europe, a European Technology & Innovation Platform, is inviting the battery research and innovation community to join the first of its online workshops of 2021, focusing on the digitalisation processes for batteries that will shape the future of smart energy and transport systems.


This new frontier will be one of the emerging industrial sectors for the next 10 years.

As the EU’s goal is the energy transition to replace fossil fuels with renewable and non-polluting sources, batteries are one of the mandatory transport solutions. But to recharge the batteries with renewable sources which by their nature work intermittently, it is necessary to digitize the electricity grid and the batteries themselves. The EU now has this priority in its funding strategy.

Batteries Europe is the technology and innovation platform of the European Battery Alliance (EBA). It aims to accelerate the establishment of a globally competitive European battery industry, driving the implementation of battery-related research and innovation actions of the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan and the Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda.
Visit the Page on EU strategy and initiatives on Batteries:


The event is organised in collaboration with the ETIP SNET and EGVIA.

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