European Union invests on digital health technologies

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The future of health services will be highly digital. Or it has to be.

One of the flaws that has already led to more than a million deaths in Europe and 3 million worldwide due to COVID-19 has been the inability to transfer existing technological capabilities into healthcare systems.

In many countries there is still no health register. Or even a single file with name, surname, date of birth, address, telephone, blood group. Six facts that can save a life.

If in 5 years Europe still does not have a minimum of common rules implemented by all countries, to avoid millions of deaths due to an epidemic, Europe will have failed its priority mission. To protect its citizens!

We have already developed many IoT solutions. We already use them every day. But few were designed for our health. Many for fun and entertainment, many to shorten the time we consider wasted, many to communicate. For example, with our smartphone we are tracked for marketing purposes. We can track down our friend. We can also see the history of all our movements!
However, we discover that we have not been able to trace the infections in our countries and throughout the European Union! One of the simplest things in today’s tech world that could have saved hundreds of thousands of people.
But we didn’t make it. We sent the elderly with COVID-19 to get sick and die in the hospital. Losing human lives, resources and neglecting other pathologies.
Will the EU be able to change healthcare in Europe? This is the question that many are now asking.

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